Say hello 👋 Introduction thread

Welcome to the B Corp community. This forum was started by a volunteer-led community of committed B Corp advocates. We believe this community can help build and rapidly scale the B Corp movement globally. The clock is ticking to make widespread systemic change if we hope to reverse climate change, so we’ve taken this chance to make this community work.

Please introduce yourself here! I’ll kick things off!

I’m Alison, I’m CEO of Quiip. We are a social media & online community management company and have been operating entirely remotely for ten years. We proudly certified in 2018. I’m also the Communications Chair for B Local Sydney and the founder of this community… as two of my biggest passions are communities & the B Corp movement. So it was meant to be :slight_smile: I also consult on remote work/radical flexibility and B Corp certification here ffutures.

I spend time between Avoca Beach (90kms north of Sydney) and Byron Bay - the joys of remote work. I have two sons aged 10 & 13.


I’m Athanasia, I live in Brisbane, Australia. Since I learned about BCorps in about 2015 I was on a mission to join the community and work for one. I volunteered for BLab in a few ways, finally worked at Adopt & Embrace in 2018 (certified BCorp), then moved to The Yunus Centre, Griffith University to head up Comms. Our purpose is to equip ppl with the know how to create positive societal change. We’re looking at what’s needed to build the Impact Economy.

I’ve also been a volunteer for over a year for GoodNorth - a BLocal kinda network that encourages all Impact-led peeps to connect.


G’day! I’m Design & Innovation Director/Founder at Dynamic4. We’re a social enterprise and certified B Corp (2016) focused on design & innovation for happier communities. We take a human-centred approach to helping our clients design sustainable business models with embedded impact and a clear value exchange… and design and build digital solutions that deliver and scale their impact to thrive in a connected world.

I’m also Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Centre for Social Impact/UNSW Business School, co-founder of Sydney Design Thinking meetup (7,000+ members), and a founding board member of the Social Enterprise Council of NSW & ACT (SECNA).


Hi all!
Really great to connect with you. I’m Jon and one of the co-founders of a Sydney-based company called Karst. We create beautiful products for the home and workplace using sustainable, alternative materials including our flagship stone paper stationery range. I a very proud to be a B Corp and would love to connect with like-minded people with purpose-driven businesses.


Hello! Lea here, I’m the sustainability manager at BioPak, a Sydney-based B-Corp. We use renewable and compostable materials to make packaging for the foodservice industry.
I’m also the Growth chair at B Local Sydney - working with an amazing team of impact-led people.
Originally from the west part of France, I’ve been living in Australia for 8 years and I absolutely love it :slight_smile:


Love a new thing (… although it’s not that new) but thanks @alisonmichalk for getting this happening and love to see if this is an effective way to connect as a Community. The reality is these days you need to connect in many places so let’s make this a great one!

I’m here to listen, participate and support but please direct any issues you want to raise with me in relation to your certification or other arrangements specific to your B Corp any time via email to to ensure they get addressed promptly. :grinning:


Hi Everyone! @alisonmichalk, amazing work, as always!

My name is Kiera and after 4 years leading all things B Corp at 4 Pines Brewing Company and founding B Local Syndey, I moved to Oakland, California late last year. I still support the B Local movement in ANZ, as a Strategic Advisor to B Local Sydney. And I’m excited to be working with B Local Bay Area and We The Change now too!

I’m now and sustainability and B Corp consultant and I’m thankful that I get to support more businesses and leaders along their B Corp journey. I specialize in supporting “craft” businesses - consumer goods companies that are small, independent, local, and make high-quality products- think brewers, bakers, pickle-makers, etc.

Always feel free to reach out.

Looking forward to connecting with you all on this platform and acting as a bridge to the B Corp movement here in North America!


Hi everyone! I’m Kira, B Lab ANZ’s new Community Manager.

You might also find me looking after Intrepid’s not-for-profit arm (The Intrepid Foundation) or as the Comms Chair of B Local Melbourne. I think it’s safe to say I love the B Corp movement!

If we haven’t met yet, let’s! Feel free to reach out at

P.S. Huge thanks to @alisonmichalk and B Local Sydney for getting this off the ground!


Hi Bs and cheers Alison!

I’m Anna Crabb and I take care of strategy, partnerships and new service development for B Lab Australia and New Zealand. I’m in chilly Melbourne keeping my foster dog Rufus company!


Ahoy B-Corpers!

John here from Spark Strategy, a social impact advisory consultancy based in Australia. I work across strategy and government engagement capability development - taking the voice of the for-purpose sector to the halls of gov.

Catch some of you soon I hope!



Hi all,
I’m Julie and run Flora & Fauna, a purpose driven retailer all about driving change and improving the retail industry as a whole. Everything we sell is vegan and cruelty free and we’re big on helping people, planet and animals.
Love being a BCorp. Please do get in touch.



My recent Flora and Fauna order came so beautifully wrapped - thank you!

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That’s fantastic to hear. Thanks Anna, and thanks for shopping with us too.


Hello to this wonderful community!

Whilst I am not a certified B-Corp, I am very interested in helping organisations who are trying to affect positive change. I made the decision at the end of last year to re-direct my professional efforts to supporting businesses who are redefining their success models to actively account for their impact on people, communities, economies and the environment. I want to help organisations like yours to change perceptions, practices and priorities.

I can help by:
• Assisting with contract drafting, review and negotiation
• Helping with governance matters and risk management issues
• Advising on growth strategies, product launches and business transformational projects
• Working on best-practice process mapping and operational support streamlining
• Being an active Board member – both as a Director and as an Advisory Board member
• Providing training on a range of legal issues (consumer protection, contracts)

If you need any help with any of the above (or in any other way!), please let me know! My email is

Rock on!


Hi everyone!

I’m Becky -I founded Harvey with my husband. We’re a strategic marketing team working with businesses who improve the world. We’ve had the honour of working with the B Lab team on all things marketing, B Corp Month and website rebuild. We just turned 1 year as a business in Feb and submitted our Impact Assessment so hopefully we hear good news about our certification sometime SOON!! :crossed_fingers: We wrote a blog about what we learnt through the gruelling :joy: but rewarding application process -



Hi everyone! I’m Larah and I work with @alisonmichalk at Quiip as a community manager and consultant. Our distributed work model means that I can live and work on the Mid North Coast of NSW (halfway between Sydney and Brisbane). I’m excited about getting involved in the ANZ B Corp Climate Collective and collaborating with other purpose-driven businesses.


Thanks for setting this up @alisonmichalk! I’m Steph, co-founder of BCorp Beam. Love being part of this community and I hope to forge stronger connections as a result of this new community forum. Cheers, Steph


I’d love to meet you one day John. We might have some value to add to each other’s work. We are learning an development consultants working in the wicked problem space …
Til then,
Deb Collins


Love your work, F&F is a great ‘go-to’ for kind, ethical gift inspirations :slight_smile:


Thanks John, that’s really kind.