Collective Webinar on Being BCorps?

Kia ora koutou!
A few of us were on a call last week and we had a brief chat about the possibility of collaboratively delivering an online webinar on what it means to be a BCorp. A few of us have people coming to us asking about what it means, what the process is like and the benefits, others of us want to help our customers understand why we’re a BCorp and why it’s important.
So instead of us separately having these conversations repeatedly we thought, hey couldn’t we come together to put on a webinar to share some of this information and our experiences? We could even record it and then it would be an ongoing resource for us all to use too. I just wanted to o0pen up and start the conversation, to see who might like to participate (therefore what industries would be covered too), what we might like to chat about, and feasibly when we might be able to put something together for.
This would also be a very cool way for us to get to know each other from all over the country too, so keen to connect!
What do y’all reckon?


Hi Demi, I’m the Marketing Manager for a digital agency called Luminary. This could potentially be of interest to us. I’d probably need a little more detail in order to take the proposal to our Directors but feel free to message me directly if you like. You can reach me at Cheers, Tami

Hey Tami!

Thanks heaps for the offer, but this was a post in the NZ Aotearoa group sadly! We’re trying to build up our community here :slight_smile: Thanks for the offer tough!

No worries. Good luck with it!

Hi Demi,
Just saw this, sounds great!
We would be keen to be involved and happy to help get the word out to other local B Corps.

Hello, just saw this sorry! Dignity would be keen to be involved. Thanks!