Collective Webinar on Being BCorps?

Kia ora koutou!
A few of us were on a call last week and we had a brief chat about the possibility of collaboratively delivering an online webinar on what it means to be a BCorp. A few of us have people coming to us asking about what it means, what the process is like and the benefits, others of us want to help our customers understand why we’re a BCorp and why it’s important.
So instead of us separately having these conversations repeatedly we thought, hey couldn’t we come together to put on a webinar to share some of this information and our experiences? We could even record it and then it would be an ongoing resource for us all to use too. I just wanted to o0pen up and start the conversation, to see who might like to participate (therefore what industries would be covered too), what we might like to chat about, and feasibly when we might be able to put something together for.
This would also be a very cool way for us to get to know each other from all over the country too, so keen to connect!
What do y’all reckon?


Hi Demi, I’m the Marketing Manager for a digital agency called Luminary. This could potentially be of interest to us. I’d probably need a little more detail in order to take the proposal to our Directors but feel free to message me directly if you like. You can reach me at Cheers, Tami

Hey Tami!

Thanks heaps for the offer, but this was a post in the NZ Aotearoa group sadly! We’re trying to build up our community here :slight_smile: Thanks for the offer tough!

No worries. Good luck with it!

Hi Demi,
Just saw this, sounds great!
We would be keen to be involved and happy to help get the word out to other local B Corps.

Hello, just saw this sorry! Dignity would be keen to be involved. Thanks!

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Great idea, I think we’d be in! @Matias

Hey team. I’m definitely keen to be a part of this. I have a 45 minute workshop that I use to help educate people on B Corp that could be great for this.

Love it! I’m keen! Count Springload in. :slight_smile:

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Hi team!
Amazing @Clare @TheGrowGoodGuy @JacintaY @Matias @Anika :slight_smile: @Julia I think you’d be interested too eh? All good if I’ve presumed wrong! I think someone on the call mentioned Katmandhu would be interested in something like this too? I don’t know who their BKeeper is if anyone has any insight to this?
So next question is when would we like to aim for? I was thinking pre-Christmas, but actually that’s coming up pretty quick! Would people be keen for late January? I’m thinking a mid-week online lunch time session?
@Kiraday would you be happy to help us with some logistics/tech/branding etc?
Also @jokelly I heard you speak at INFINZ yesterday and you were awesome! I’m wondering if you might like to be involved maybe for some context setting/chairing?
Are there any other ideas/thoughts/questions people want to put out there? :smiley:
Thanks all!

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Lunch time is best for me :slight_smile:
And happy to be pre Christmas if we think we can pull it together!

Sounds great! Definitely happy to be involved!


Mid week on line is perfect for me!

Anytime that suits.

Looking forward to connecting!

Hi all!
Thanks for your continued interest and patience :slight_smile: Shall we lock in 12pm Thursday 3rd Feb? (Sorry want to ensure my CEO is available!)
I think with only 6 weeks to go until the break pre Christmas is probably pushing it a bit, especially if we want enough time to advertise out to our networks!
Would be good to confirm the above time and to lock in a title/question for the session. Something like ‘How to Become a BCorp: NZ BCorps share their journeys to becoming accredited, balancing purpose & profit’…? If someone has anything snappier please do suggest!
If we can get those 2 things confirmed maybe @Kiraday / the BCorp NZ/AU team could work up a couple of assets for us all to use which showcase the participants, time/date, title & how to sign up and access (@Kiraday and team any recommendations on best way to do this? Would want ti recorded for us all to be able to access and use in future)
At the end of the session we can also get some hype going for BCorp month in March :slight_smile:
Thanks all!


Love it! Great work Demi.

12pm Thursday 3rd Feb works for me.

Title : Are we keen to focus this one on the practical side of the application? I think it is good to demystify this part of the process for people and help them get over that barrier.
If so I reckon the title ‘How to Become a BCorp: NZ BCorps share their journeys to becoming accredited’ sums it up nicely.

When I’ve been speaking to people recently they’ve asked me questions about how being a B corp has changed our business. What we’ve gotten out of it. Mainly so they have something they can take to people in their own orgs who aren’t as convinced as they are. Maybe that’s the next webinar?

Things we learned from the B Corp webinar day series:

  • Recording them was good as we could all share via our socials later and spread the knowledge
  • We found a great tool for transcribing the video for deaf viewers. We made accessible videos for each of the webinars.
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Kia ora koutou!
@MikeC @Anika @JacintaY @Matias please may I have your email addresses so I can send through a calendar invite placeholder?
@Clare thanks heaps for sharing your thoughts! I think primarily keeping it focussed on the practicalities is good for now, and maybe to sum up the session each person could share 1 way BCorp has changed their business for the better?
Agree with recording and transcribing if it can be organised :slight_smile:
@Kiraday can BLab support with assets and setting up the webinar?
Thanks all!

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Yes, we definitely can! Love how this is shaping up, so thanks all for your initiative. :slight_smile:

I think if we’re going to be pulling all of these wonderful B Corps together to share their stories, we should definitely invest in making sure the recordings are high quality and we can use them for the future. We may even be able to produce a proper video! At the very least, we definitely want to capture them for case studies.

One thing I’d love to see if if every B Corp came with one template, toolkit, or open-source thing to share that helped them on their journey. We could then publish each of those with a case study on our channels to help other businesses improve their impact. If we’re doing February, that gives us plenty of time to prepare! Let me know your thoughts or if you have any other ideas, feel free to DM me!

That sounds great Kira! Will have a think about a resource to share :slight_smile: We can chat details on the Thursday call, woohoo!

Hi all,

So we didn’t get time to chat on the call today, and not everyone was there so, to move things along who do we feel about the following:
Who’s hosting?
how many speakers will we have?
what’s the agenda for the call to cover the topic?
what’s the timeline for getting the webinar invite & assets so we can promote to our audiences/networks?

Lemme know your thoughts!

Thanks for wrangling us @Demi

Host - I’m not keen. I’d rather someone else did it please :slight_smile:

Speakers - Happy to speak/share our story

Agenda… how about:

  • Is B Corp right for us? (Do you consider purpose in your Business) @TheGrowGoodGuy maybe?
  • What it’s like to initially approach B Lab
  • The B Impact assessment. What it looks like, The categories, and who should fill it out ((I imagine showing the categories and some example questions, then you’ll need input from Senior leadership, finance etc)
  • Earning your points (e.g. You’ll prob need to document some things you do ad - hoc) (Maybe I could do this one?)
  • Reviewing with B Lab/How B Lab support you

I reckon if we are going to have it on Thursday 3rd Feb getting an invite/comms out in the week of Jan 10th is best. Which is bit tight! But I’m sure we can do it! What collateral would we need? I can talk to our Marketing specialist Ella to see if we can copy what we did for B Corp month?

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