Climate Leadership Accelerator

Join us on a transformational learning journey to deepen your understanding of the systems operating within the climate crisis, extend your network with leaders across disciplines, challenge your assumptions and develop a hopeful framework for action.[event start=“2024-04-17 09:28” status=“public” name="Climate Leadership Accelerator " url=“Climate Leadership Accelerator: Into the Arena | Small Giants Academy” timezone=“Australia/Melbourne” recurrence=“every_week” end=“2024-07-24 10:28” allowedGroups=“trust_level_0”]

Through an interactive combination of knowledge building across sectors, expert climate mentorship, peer learning and personal development, this program cultivates the agency we all need to bring strategic climate leadership to our communities, businesses and beyond.

‘Into the Arena’ brings unparalleled content backed by an Advisory Group and Honorary Wisdom Council of some of the most prominent international experts in the intersection of climate, business and policy.

The course will facilitate an understanding of the climate context while developing a personalised action framework that provides a pathway to making change in your sphere of influence; and beyond.

Climate impacts are upon us, and we are being called to respond. This program invites individuals who are ready to deepen their knowledge base in order to take meaningful climate action.