Climate change 101 online courses for employees

Hi there, can anyone recommend (short, i.e a couple of hours max) online climate change educational courses for new starters? We’d like to get everyone on the same page when they start! I’ve found heaps of YouTube videos, but would love Australian-made with a First Nations lens if possible. Thank you :pray:


@AllieM have you found anything in travels?

Nothing that quite meets the above unfortunately … And would love to do something similar! I usually direct people down the following route and would thoroughly recommend the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training:

And, of course, kick off by watching 2040 film :slight_smile:


Hi @LydiaHo :grinning:

You might be interested in checking out the climate change modules at Supply Chain Sustainability School (Climate Change - Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited).

The School is a charity that enables socially, environmentally and economically sustainable supply chains for all organisations in Australia and New Zealand via open access to micro and nano educational resources.

Thank you so much, this is really useful!

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