Seed Mob's Training Scholarship Fund

Hey B Corp Community! I’m El, an ally at Seed Mob - Australia’s first and only Indigenous youth climate network.

From June to November, Seed is hosting 2-day regional training camps all across the country, bringing together 15-20 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in 5 different regions. These camps will serve as transformative events, educating, empowering, and inspiring both current and new volunteers to step up as leaders within the Seed volunteer network and back home in their own communities.

During these camps, our participants will gain essential skills in leadership, communication, and campaigning. They will learn how to build a movement, maintain a local Seed group, and engage in intentional conversations about climate justice. By providing a safe and supportive space for young mob to come together, share, learn, discuss, plan, and inspire one another, we are fostering a grassroots network of passionate advocates who will drive change in their communities.

From rising sea levels in the Torres Strait to devastating bushfires and extreme weather events, the effects are undeniable. And we also know that young First Nations people must lead the solutions to the climate crisis, but to do this we need people just like you standing in solidarity with us to ensure we have the resources and skills to confront governments and polluting industries head-on.

I’d love to invite the B Corp Community to stand in solidarity with Seed Mob by donating before June 30 here: You’ll ensure our network of volunteers are skilled up and empowered to protect country, culture and our climate from the causes of the climate crisis at these training camps!

Your generous contribution will help us remove financial barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, ensuring they can attend our training camps and gain the skills and knowledge they need to create change. Every contribution, no matter the amount, makes a significant difference in building and funding a movement of connected, trained-up, powerful leaders.

If you’d like to get in touch you can reach me at Thank you!

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