Any online courses that you would recommend?

I’ve started a MOOC about Ecosystem Services, by the University of Geneva - it’s fascinating to learn about methods to value complex systems like biodiversity and natural resources.

Do you have any other recommendations?


Hi @LeaM sounds really interesting! Full disclosure - I work at a University… so I’d have to recommend our courses :slight_smile: :smile:

At The Yunus Centre, Griffith University we’re a couple of months away from launching a short courses offering focused on aspects of the Impact Economy. Obviously though, it depends on what you’re interested in learning!


Great thread idea @LeaM! I know @benpecotich will have ideas for us.

@AthanasiaP will you come back and share when those courses are ready please?

I’d really love to do the Lift Economy MBA ( run by some of the folk who wrote the B Corp Handbook. I know I’d have to carve out some serious time so it’s a pipe-dream for now. I have done their B Corp Consulting Course which I enjoyed.

Matt Sykes (B Local Melbs Partnerships Chair) mentioned this course on LinkedIn the other day, on how to achieve the SDGS. Sounds great:

Shaping up to be a great list here!


G’day! A bunch of awesome stuff there…

@LeaM, curious to hear more about the context for valuing these complex systems. Depending on context some of these words can have quite different meanings :grinning:

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Hey Ben - it is a pretty controversial field indeed. They actually go through semantics and take a critical view as often as possible, which is helpful.
More information here:

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Torrens Uni has a B Lab partnership with lots of short courses (ie. a few hours) available for free for B Corps.

If you’re looking for Cultural Competence Training, SBS has a very affordable (~$30pp) and excellent online course for staff. Disclosure SBS are a client of Quiip’s but we undertook this training independently.


The Torrens courses are quite nice little tasters on topics!


Hey @LeaM! How was/is the course?

Hey Ben! Things have gone crazy busy and I haven’t made much progress to be perfectly honest… but that’s a good reminder, I’ll bring it back higher on the To Do list :slight_smile:

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Haha… the never ending to do list. Look forward to hearing your review! :grinning:

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I’ve nearly completed the EdX SDG course… got through 40+ videos which for me is quite a feat given I don’t process info aurally overly well! But it has scrolling text next to the video… loved that! Could even click on a sentence and it’d take you to that section with no buffering. I was impressed. Still have to complete the exam though… so might keep myself accountable here :wink:

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