Co-design the Aotearoa NZ B Corp strategy

I’m Jo Kelly. I’m working with Anna and Andrew and B Corps in Aotearoa NZ to co-design a strategy for growing the eco-system and community here. In coming weeks I’ll post questions here that will inform our approach - I’m keen to hear from you all so please do share your experiences and insights here


Kia ora,
Great to see you on the call today @MikeC @Audrey @Demi @KathRow and many more!
Please keep sharing ideas and questions here.

We’d love to know any government entities, industry associations or chambers of commerce you have relationships with that may be interested in partnering with to co-deliver or co-fund a Kiwi-version of significant business impact improvement programs like Scotland Can B, or Swiss Triple Impact.

FYI @jokelly @TheGrowGoodGuy @luciadiegil @flo @simeonberry

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Missed that one sorry!?

Springload has a relationship with Holly Norton over at the Sustainable business network if that helps?