Customer-facing brands // Working group?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from our customer-facing B Corps about how to train staff to talk about B Corp certification and tell customers about what it means to be a B Corp.

Our community is also growing to include plenty of retail spaces - from Beyond Bank to T2 to Flora & Fauna - as well as B Corps serving customers directly like Koala and Outland Denim.

I’ll be hosting a casual coffee for our customer-facing brands to connect and brainstorm together on Monday, 27 July from 9:30 - 10:15 AM.

Add it to your calendar here. Spread the word and invite your colleagues!


Sounds fascinating. I’ve often wondered how the team training is handled. When Kathmandu certified I went into my local store and asked the staff what a B Corp was to see what they knew, haha. They did really well! Speaking of which do we them in the community? Be great to have them here :slight_smile:


Thanks Kira! Looking forward to this session and the role our businesses can play to raise awareness amongst our consumer base and like you have mentioned Alison, ensure our staff are confident and comfortable to talk about B Corp. We’ve been using the Kahoots platform to do a B Corp quiz during B Corp month which has been really fun and engaging for staff. Happy to share more on Monday.


Hey Kira, sorry I missed this, I was having a chat around this with a B Corp last week. They recently gained B Corp status and wanted to give each employee a KeepCup as part of the staff training/ introduction to the world of B Corp. They thought that although all staff may not be across every aspect of being a B Corp, it gave them all tangible way to start contributing on an individual level. It would also help them get rid of single-use coffee cups form the workplace as well!


That’s a great idea Martin! Let’s talk about how to include that in the onboarding process for new B Corps as an option. :slight_smile:

We also discussed the idea of some B Corps teaming up to send care packages to their employees - especially for those in Victoria who are in lockdown #2. Would love to keep exploring that one too. @NateSerravite TOMS + T2 + Patagonia + KeepCup?

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