Connecting B Corps to our staff

Hi Everyone - Happy B Corp Month!

In keeping with the theme, we would love to introduce our staff here at Beyond Bank to more B Corp businesses. We have over 600 staff that love hearing about B Corp and the great work the community is doing. In week 3 we are planning on profiling different B Corp businesses and sharing what they do to encourage our staff to ‘Buy from a B’.

If anyone has any digital marketing collateral or flyers that you are keen for me to share across our staff yammer page, that would be great! Feel free to email them through to

Thanks :slight_smile:


What a great initiative Kate. I hope you find lots of B’s to profile to your team!


Great idea @KateCarroll! Are you looking for consumer brands staff can buy from… and/or awareness of B Corps in general and B2Bs that might fit within the Beyond Bank supply chain?

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For our staff, consumer product brands yes or services that they might use personally.

We will certainly look to tap into the supplier listing that is being created by B Lab from a business perspective and love the environmentally preferred supplier list @alisonmichalk shared.


Great idea Kate. We’ll be looking at doing something similar here on Workspace. Maybe also celebrate the newly certified B Corps, there’s been quite a few in the past 12 months.


Hi @KateCarroll, what an awesome idea! Be great to create something lots of businesses could use – and ties in very nicely with the B Corp theme of Better Together for a Better World!

We (B Local Sydney) are about to feature as many Sydney B Corps as possible on our instagram so if any of your staff would like to follow us it’s a good place for them to find out about other B Corps.

Thanks for sendings yours through already Kate – Beyond Bank will be up first!


Awesome - I will share the link :slight_smile: