Canberra and Capital Region networking

Hello everyone, my name’s Brooke and I’m from Yellow Edge, a Canberra-based leadership and performance company. We achieved certification in December 2021 and are keen to meet the locals!

We’d like to extend an invitation to all Canberra and Capital Region B Corps as well as B Corp employees based in the region to join us for an informal drinks and discussion at our offices in Barton. We’re keen to get to know the B Corps in our area, learn about their experiences, and to simply enjoy the company of some like-minded businesses!

Date and time still to be confirmed so just respond to this thread or email me at to let me know you’re interested!


Hi @Brooke_Anderson ! Have you been in touch with Colin from Aspen? I’m working to connect the Canberra folks together — I know there are a few from Future Super, Beyond Bank, and Beamible who I will put you all in touch with. :blush:

Thanks Kira. Much appreciated. Yes, I have been in touch with Colin who is also putting the feelers out. A couple of aspiring B Corps have written directly to express an interest too. Is this something you think you might be able to attend? It would be good to have you join us.
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Hi @Brooke_Anderson :wave: Veronica here from Beamible (we’re on a mission to empower a new work model - that provides a healthier and more productive global workforce, using our work design platform)! Congratulations on achieving your BCorp certification :tada: Thanks for getting us Canberra-based BCorps together for an informal drinks. I’d love to come, if the timing suits.

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We’ve set a date!