Hi Melbourne B Corps! What are your 2023 plans?

Hi all Melbourne-based B Corps!

I work for Luminary and we achieved B Corp certification in 2021. As we start to plan our 2023 activities, I’m curious to know what others have planned for the year in terms of B Corp activities. B Corp month is in March which I am sure will come around very soon, so wondered if anyone wanted to get together or virtually brainstorm some ideas. Would love to collaborate with more like-minded brands and people this year!


Hi Claire,

We are a newly certified BCorp based in Collingwood in Melbourne (with other offices across the states too ) I’d be super happy to see what we could start locally and meet a likeminded BCorps.
Anyone else keen to join?


Hey! We are do excited for B Corp month at Great Wrap! We would love to plan and participate in some B Corp activities for March and beyond! Maybe we could set up a little brainstorming session in the next few weeks?


We would love to join!

I’d love to meet some other Melbourne B Corps too! Count me in :slight_smile:

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I am still applying for my B-Corp accreditation, but would love to be involved.


Hi all, Suzie here from Market Lane Coffee. We just certified last year and would love to be involved in some community event for B Corp month. Would love to join the brainstorming session.


Hi all, would love to be involved, please count me in!
Maybe we could even do - dare I say it - an in person meet?
I think there is an IRL group in Sydney, be great to work on that for Melbourne this year too… Maybe a Feb networking event?

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We’re planning two in-person meet ups in Melbourne in March, but I would love to get something planned for Feb as well @JacintaY!


Sounds great Kira, count me in!

Hi everyone!
So happy to hear from you all. Let’s absolutely plan an in-person catchup. I think the best way would be to email me at claire@luminary.com so we can coordinate a time, and from there we can post the time and place here again and maybe get some more Melbourne B Corp’s interested.


Sounds great! Claire, I will shoot you an email today and we can figure out some times and post them here. :slight_smile:

I’m definitely keen to meet you all too. Newly minted B Corp here and excited to be part of this wonderful community.

Let’s do it!

@ThinkRAPT @Cora @Claire.Luminary @JacintaY @SuzieHoban @EmmaPereira @MarnieHawson @cbowles23 Vote for a time that works for you using this link, and we’ll all get together on zoom to connect and start planning some local in-person catch ups. :slight_smile:


Hey Kira, I missed the voting time. Totally in though. Just let me know when you landed on. Em

I would love to be involved in an in-person B Corp meet up in Melbourne! Let me know what time/date the vote landed on :slight_smile:

Hi Kira! Did we land on a date? Excited to get planning and meet up

Hey Everyone, we would also love to get involved in the Melbourne meet up. We were recently certified in 2022 and are looking forward to celebrate our first B’Corp month.

:wave: Hi all — everyone who voted on a time got an invite, so apologies for anyone who missed it! Based on our chat, I’ve created this doc for anyone who wants to get involved.

Feel free to hop in there to add potential topics/themes or venues for us to meet at! Looking forward to connecting with you all online & in-person soon.

Hi Kira - i have added in our studio as a possible future venue - we have a bar downstairs and beer on tap - and non alcoholic lovely drinks - we would be delighted to host. Unfortunately im in Sydney on the 2nd so will miss the first gathering :frowning: . Also looks like i signed up for a timeslot but didnt receive the meeting invite …Looking forward to meeting in person soo