Hello from Singapore

Hi there, We are a Singapore B-Corp called Speco and will be travelling to Sydney and Melbourne Australia from the 11th to 19th of Sept 2022. We hope to connect with the B corp community in Australia. Will any Australian B-corp like to meet up?

Hi @ShawnSpeco :wave: We’d love for you to come visit the B Lab AANZ team at The Commons (QV) co-working space— they are also a B Corp, and we have a few B Corps located here too.

@KarenPorter is there anything planned for B Local Sydney in September? :slight_smile:

Hi @Kiraday and @ShawnSpeco!

The planned events for September in Sydney are Community Drinks on 8th Sept (currently discussing venue options with The Commons) and coffee morning on 21st September. So it looks like those dates fall outside your trip dates @ShawnSpeco unfortunately.

But, if you know the dates that you will be in Sydney I’d be happy to put a call out to the community to organise an impromptu lunch or similar and see who would be keen to join.

Hi @Kiraday and @KarenPorter!

Thank you so much for your replies. We will be in Sydney from 13th to 15th Sept and we will at Melbourne on 16th to 19th Sept. We will be keen to meet up with the B Lab AANZ team at The Commons! :smiley:

@KarenPorter Yes we will be happy to meet up with any of the B Corp community who is available for an impromptu lunch or brunch :smiley:

No problem @ShawnSpeco, I’ll see what I can do