Celebration becoming a certified B Corporation

Hello everyone,
Taylor & Grace https://taylorandgrace.com.au/ has recently become a B Corp. We want to inspire and build excitement within our team around what this means to us. We are going to celebrate late September or early October and would love to involve a fellow B Corp in this event. We would love to hear from anyone who wants to share their inspiring story with us, what it means to be a B Corp and how it has shaped their world since becoming certified.
Craig Bulman
General Manager


Hi Craig, congrats on your certification! :clap: I’m not sure there is an active B Local Melbourne yet (if not maybe you should get involved :wink:).

There are too many Melb-based B Corps to mention but one of my faves is Harvey (@simon.smallchua) and of course Who Gives A Crap. The new Events & Engagement Manager @LucindaW might be able to recommend some local B Corps who could come to your event.

And Assembly our first big gathering in years is taking place in Feb, if you & the team can make it, it will be epic!

Congrats again and welcome to the community! I head up Quiip which is an online community/social media company so I can’t help myself but act like a CM in here!

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Thanks for the tag @alisonmichalk - you’re a legend and favourite

Happy to connect and support how we can.
Although, I am normally not active on here so apologies if I miss your reply.

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Hi Simon thanks very much for responding - I’d love to have a chat.


How about we connect on email simon@teamharvey.co