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Hi team

Our company operates in the tech sector (software development and services), and our team predominantly work from home. We only have two small offices and the rest of our team work remotely full time. When we certified in 2021 we scored poorly in the Environment impact area, and I think a lot of that has to do with our industry and distributed work environment.

Anyone in a similar situation that can share some tips? We are looking specifically at the virtual office stewardship which seems fairly straightforward, but I’m also interested in seeing what others have done in terms of monitoring and recording of energy/water/greenhouse gas etc usage + other initiatives relevant to a similar business.


Hi Tamara,
We have not initiated any significant changes for our remote workforce - its pretty hard to tell people to be goopd with power etc in their own home!
We have done full scope 3 emissions calculations for both the working from home emissions and the commuting emissions.
I’m happy to share details - just email me on gwalker@jadeworld.com

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Hi Tamara,

Talk to Alison at Quiip -Alison Michalk - ffutures | LinkedIn

She commissioned someone to do home assessments and help her staff reduce their emissions.

At the B Corp Climate Collective we are working on relationships with selected energy providers to help all B Corps migrate to green energy. Happy to investigate where we are at with this for you.

There are software platforms that help calculate and reduce employees home office emissions. I can give you some examples.


Hi all
Certified B Corp BlueRock is hosting a panel on the Environment pillar in Melbourne during B Corp Month: Wednesday 20 March 5-7pm in Melbourne CBD.
Keen to hear examples and tips from our panel of experts that night and I’d be keen to learn more about this B Corp Climate Collective!