Hi B Keepers,

I wanted to share with you all a great new tool we have come across on our carbon reduction journey. PathZero.

PathZero is the answer for all the SME’s out there that would like to calculate and offset their footprint but don’t have the time or resources to commit to it. PathZero uses industry benchmarks of CO2 emissions and breaks them down to monthly figures creating a monthly offset contribution. Affordable and time saving. You can adjust your figures for a more true reflection of what your business is doing. I find it is helping me to keep a close eye on our expenses and gives me insight to where we could make changes to lessen our footprint. It is so easy to use and purchases verified emissions reductions (VERS’s). Check it out at:

All the best on your journey, feel free to reach out if you want to know more about ours.
We are a small construction company with a conscience.

Holly McQueen, Office Manager/Carbon Reduction Advisor at Verdecon


Thanks for sharing @Holly.McQueen! We (Quiip) have also used them and found them to be great. They’ve also just brought on a new Climate Active Advisor so I believe certification is on the way. We actually have their founder @Carl in the community – so I’m sure he’ll love to see this post.

Also great to have Verdecon in the online community! <3 Are you Byron or Bondi-based?

Hello everyone! Thank you for the kind mentions of Pathzero
We have recently brought Aleena Dewji onboard - a registered Climate Active consultant. She has helped us in producing a (soon to be released) protocol that underpins the Carbon Neutral label we produce.
It is designed for small-medium sized businesses with 3 key differences to Climate Active certification.
I’ll follow up this post with an update when we go live!


Hi Alison, this is great news! We are both in Bondi and Byron trying to change the game. :earth_asia: