Climate Active- Carbon Neutral Certification

Hi BCorp Community!

I am Lara from Forward Thinking Design. We are a small company of 3 people. We are in the interior design, fit out and consultancy industry. Would like to know if anyone has had experience with being Carbon Neutral certified and how much the estimated cost is to become certified for a small business. Or if there is anyone in the community that can help evaluate/certify us?

Thanks in advance

We have just started this journey, we are a larger company so I can not speak to that but, we are using South Pole who are a B Corp to help us with becoming certified.

Welcome, @LaraL! For a small company, I recommend looking into Pathzero to support your climate action journey.

Morning @LaraL :sun_with_face: We (Quiip) use Pathzero and recommend them however they don’t offer certification. Yet.

If you specifically need or want that it does cost quite a bit more. You can look at some other firms who could help like Pangolin or Point Advisory, both are B Corps.

We took the plunge last year and learnt a lot! We looked into Climate Active but at our current size, we found the time commitment (and expense) was going to be too high at this point in our journey. We did however get our Carbon Footprint assessed and emissions offset and will continue to do this every year now. You can read more about our journey here.

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Hi Kara - We (Koskela) used Pangolin, a fellow B Corp, to achieve Climate Active last year and highly recommend them. It is more work than other methods, and the cost mostly comes down to the quality of the offsets you choose, but highly rewarding to get an accurate, detailed footprint. We are now doing Science Based Targets with them too. Probably worth getting a quote from a few consultants and providers to understand the various options and costs.

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