Aspiring B Corps - Zenko & PathZero

One of the many things I love about being a B Corp is meeting those aspiring to get certified. There are so many fantastic convos to be had – and people to join our community.

In the last week I chatted with Carl at PathZero, who are doing great things to support SMEs with carbon offsetting.

I also met the lovely @Alex_zenko and William from Zenko. If anyone is looking for sustainable office supplies, these are your peeps!

They even have a cool “work from home care package” for $65. As someone who runs a remote team, I can vouch that staff love getting care packages :gift:

Both are awesome impact businesses, great to have you here. And good luck on the journey to certification!


So great to chat to you @alisonmichalk! Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge & wisdom with us. @will and I are sitting down today to do a 90 min BI Assessment power hour like you recommended. Very keen to start our B Corp journey & uncover all the questions relating to workplace sustainability & office supplies so we can best help other current & aspiring B Corp’s as well.


Yes! We are using PathZero as well, I was just typing my own plug and yours came up!
Will check out Zenko thanks for sharing!

Pathzero partners with South Pole (we are a B Corp ourselves!) for their carbon credits -

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