Webinar - Offsets are not a net zero strategy. How to build a robust emissions reduction plan

Hi B-Corpers! We’re hosting a webinar coming up that will provide practical value for those looking at decarbonisation pathways. It’s going to be a great session exploring how organisations can take real and meaningful action to reduce carbon emissions on the road to net zero without just relying on the - very controversial of late - carbon offsets!

We’ll also be joined by Climate Active who will be giving an update on the latest changes to their emissions reduction requirements so tune in if you are Climate Active certified - or thinking about certificiation.


  • The key components of a robust emissions reduction strategy, the importance of setting emission reduction targets, and aligning targets with climate science including Science-based targets.
  • The different offsets available in the market, and the risks and opportunities when establishing an offsetting strategy, remembering ‘offsets are not a net-zero strategy in themselves’.
  • What Climate Active is looking for when it comes to emissions reduction strategies, and the new emission reduction commitments certified organisations will soon be required to implement.
  • Practical options to reduce emissions, and how to know when to get support.
  • The impacts of changing offset prices, and how businesses can adopt a least cost approach to achieve carbon neutrality.

Our Principal Louise Walsh and Director Michi Morris will present and host along with special guest Alicia Maynard GM Sustainability & Technical Services at ISPT sharing insights on ISPT’s journey towards net-zero emissions, and Ben Jobson from Climate Active will discuss the latest upcoming changes to emission reduction strategy requirements under the Climate Active program.

Webinar link for more info and to register

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