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Nature might specialise in providing empirical evidence and advice to clients to help them make more informed decisions, but people are the true heart of this business.

This team of 50 (and counting) world-class, diverse experts work with finance, fmcg, pharmaceuticals and every industry in between, to draw helpful insights and advice, debunk the mysteries of the future and solve complex questions. For these inquisitive, curious, and very clever minds, no query is too challenging – from understanding what drives us to the cinema, to forecasting what drug and alcohol education the government should be investing in.

But what makes Nature really impressive, and is perhaps the secret sauce to their success, is how they champion their people and community.

Nature’s human-centred initiatives include a public holiday swap-out policy, a bespoke career development program, and partnerships with multiple community organisations. And that’s just to name a few. They understand that an empowered team creates dividends for the individual, the business, and the community.

To get to know them a little better, we chatted to Nature about their progressive staff support policies, preserving their start-up values, and why they encourage aspiring B Corps to dive fearlessly into the certification process.

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Nature works across so many industries, it seems like no two projects are alike! Can you tell us a little about what your business does?

Our work helps clients develop and maintain the best brands, products, and experiences, in an evolving consumer landscape. We do this by providing evidence-based insights and advice to help our clients make more informed decisions.  

Our clients come from a wide range of industries including financial services, retail, apparel, public transport, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, utilities, insurance, and wealth management.

Our work helps clients build great brands and compelling products and services, and to deliver exceptional customer experiences and service.

Why did you want to certify as a B Corp?

Nature is in the business of informing tomorrow for our clients, and having a positive impact on the tomorrow of our people, our community, and our environment. 

Part of that means being aware of our own impact on tomorrow. We are determined to ensure that our impact is positive for our people, our community, and our environment. This has been a foundational belief since the beginning of Nature 16 years ago, but aligning our organisation with B Lab’s vision was the natural next step in bringing our core values to life and proving that profit and purpose can go hand-in-hand.

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What makes Nature unique as a business? What initiatives are you proudest of?

We’ve said it time and time again – people are our lifeblood. Becoming a Certified B Corporation was a meaningful step in acknowledging the commitment we’ve made to our people and the culture we’ve created together.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done to support our community, people and environment. Certification was a fantastic opportunity to review and recognise our contributions in these spaces.

Here is some of the work that we’re particularly proud of:

For our team

  • Our Parental Leave Policy is one of the most progressive in the Australian services industry, offering six months paid parental leave.
  • Our Public Holiday Swap-Out Policy launched in January 2022 allows public holidays to be swapped out for preferred days based on individually recognised holidays.
  • Our Flexibility Policy adapts around our team’s preferences while being geared towards ensuring there is energy in the office for the benefit of those at a critical part of their learning journey.
  • Nurture, our bespoke Learning and Development Platform, which is tailored to the individual level. Each team member can pick and choose modules based on where they are in their growth journey, and learn at their own pace.

For our community

  • Our Indigenous Affairs Committee works on raising the awareness and understanding of our team on the lived experience of First Nations peoples, so we can individually and collectively better act as catalysts for change.
  • We offer our people one day off a year to give to a charitable cause.
  • We also partner with multiple community organisations, including Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, to help young indigenous children learn basic reading and math skills, St Kilda Mums in getting together to pack essential items for women in need, and domestic violence charity Safe Steps, where we have raised money by participating in Run Melbourne over the last three years.

For our Environment

  • In 2021 we moved our Melbourne team into a larger, more eco-friendly and accessible office.
  • We have implemented processes that monitor and optimise energy, resources and water ​usage in our office space.
  • We take care to source our office suppliers responsibly.

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As a group that works with many different businesses, what business practice do you want to see become the norm?

Every business should be doing what they can to support an inclusive, sustainable, and regenerative economy. Ideally, the more that do, the more we normalise this way of doing business. To us, positive behaviour isn’t about hierarchy, we all have a part to play.

Do you have any tips for aspiring B Corps about the certification process?

Regardless of the outcome, the process is invaluable. It’s vital to understand the impact your business is having. Don’t be afraid of what you’ll find – be open for all that you can gain and use the learnings to do better.

A big thank you to Nature for taking the time to share its journey with us. To find out more and explore their offering visit:

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