Legal Requirement for Australia

Hi everyone!

Many of you may already be aware that the 31 March 2022 deadline for many Australian B Corps to complete the legal requirement is fast approaching.

Launched here in 2020, the B Corp legal requirement is now a mandatory part of certification in Australia and is met by embedding stakeholder governance in your company’s constitution. For context, you can check out Andrew’s post on this here.

Our team have created a comprehensive landing page with everything you need to know to complete the legal requirement, including a how-to guide for implementing the change.

For anyone who may not be aware, meeting the requirement will also allow you to gain up to an additional 7.5 points towards your B Impact score in your next recertification.

If the upcoming deadline affects you, once you’ve completed the steps outlined in the how-to-guide to fulfill the legal requirement, please let us know by clicking here and uploading your documentation.

If you have any questions that are not answered on the landing page, or in the how-to guide, reach out to us at

Thank you all for your efforts in bringing stakeholder governance to life!