Legal requirement launched for AU B Corps

Hi all, this week we launched the new legal requirement for Australian B Corps (NZ still a work in progress!). The legal requirement is all about accountability. It sits alongside a Certified B Corporation’s social and environmental performance and commitment to transparency.

We started exploring the benefit company model in Australia in 2012. We’re excited to announce we can now meet the goals of the model without the legislative reform.

I encourage you to look over this information page we’ve put together. You will find all of the information you need to meet the legal requirement, including a brief video explainer, blog posts and a full how-to guide for download. There is also more background here on how we have evolved our approach from the benefit company model.

There are benefits for B Corps in making the commitments to purpose and stakeholder governance, and they are also a requirement for certification. There is an extended legacy period for this requirement, we’ve sent emails to B Corps outlining specific timing, which is based on either your next recertification date, or an 18-month period, whichever is later.

For many of you a stakeholder governance approach will be an ordinary part of your business decision-making already, but to learn more please join this webinar on 25 September for a deeper discussion of how to bring a stakeholder governance model to life.


Great supporting documentation, nice work team!!

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So fantastic! Huge achievement – well done B Lab! Agree, great website and supporting docs. Seems like a way easier approach to tackling it too.

Bring on those extra points! :smiley:

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This is AMAZING thanks so much - just used this today with a client! :slight_smile: thank you @Andrew-BLab and team for making this happen!

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It’s been on my to do list since September to update our constitution to meet the new legal requirement… I don’t have any external shareholders so it’s an easy change and I’m going to get it done this week!

Does anyone have a standard 2+ shareholder Pty Ltd constitution template with the purpose and stakeholder clauses (I’ll swap in our purpose of course :smile:). Thanks!

Hey @benpecotich

This page on the Aus B Corp legal requirement has the The Full How-To Guide (which includes the clauses) and the Template Resolution of Members for you to use.


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Thanks @Anna-Crabb! Yeah, I’ve got those clauses to add in and the resolution which is great… was thinking it would be easier to just clean up our whole constitution if someone had a standard one… :smile:

Ah, I see! Good one :slight_smile:

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