Looking for Ocean Conservation B Corps/Aspiring B Corps!

Hi All!

A general post looking for any B Corps or aspiring B Corps who are focussed on Ocean Conservation! We would be very interested in providing market testing and research for validation purposes at no cost. There is no catch, we just have a few additional resources we would love to put to use.

Please reach out on here or at jimmy.bayssari [@] projecteverest.ventures! Thank you.


Hey Jimmy! :wave: Would the folk from Ocean Impact be able to connect you with any suitable candidates? Paging @NickChiarelli :slight_smile:

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Hi @jimmybayssari! Iā€™m working with @NickChiarelli to support the 2020 Ocean Impact Pitchfest finalists along their B Corp journeys. Finalists announced very soon!! Would be great to have a chat!

I was going to suggest Ocean Impact Org too :slight_smile: @NickChiarelli

Thanks for all your help everyone! Successfully reached out to Nick!