New B Corp certification fees in AU and NZ

Hey all, we shared some news this week on changes to the certification fees in AU and NZ. There is some background and other information here, and if anyone has any questions then please share below. To get the ball rolling a few key points:

  • The new pricing approach was rolled out in the USA more than a year ago and we held off in launching it here in 2020 given the impact of the pandemic on so many businesses (it is also being implemented in other global regions this year)
  • We have changed the fees but also the revenue brackets used to calculate the fees to reduce the big jumps between brackets as a business’ revenue grows
  • We are launching NZD pricing soon as well (with the revenue brackets also measured in NZD)
  • The change is designed to ensure the B Corp model is scalable and sustainable and we can maintain the rigour necessary to make B Corp Certification credible
  • There are mechanisms in place to offer an extension to the old pricing for existing B Corps

We’ll keep an eye here for any other questions that you have on this. You can also DM or email me if you have specific concerns in relation to your own company that you’d like to raise.


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