Offering Bidding to Council support


As a way of introduction, I’m Stefano the Procurement Manager at the City of Sydney Council and i head up the sourcing team.

One of my roles is to mentor social enterprises and start ups when bidding for Council tenders or requests for quotes.

We are currently developing guides to bidding for work and we are working with Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) ANZ chapter to run some joint free webinars and presentations for local SME, B Corps etc. APMP are a non for profit and help members become more professional in bidding for work

Apart from that we are implementing Social & Sustainable Procurement into all our documents, rolling out a Supplier Database that includes B Corps and training our people to use it.

Our council is very supportive in trying to help social enterprises, First Nations suppliers and suppliers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If the community doesn’t mind I will post opportunities in this forum, i see one of our EOI was published here recently.

Thanks to Vanessa and Anna in introducing me to the work B Corps do.




Amazing! Welcome Stefano and thank you for posting. Please do post the EOI’s here. This is the perfect forum. We look forward to collaborating with you!


Great to have you in this forum Stefano and thanks for the support you are offering.


Welcome Stefano and thank you for all the support that you and Council provide to our Sydney B Corp community. It’s very encouraging for our community to have such a progressive driver of change in our city!

Please reach out to anyone on the B Local Sydney leadership team if you have any questions or would like to be connected to someone in particular.

Looking forward to meeting you and collaborating some time in the future.