Webinar for Bidding to Council

Unlocking best practice bidding**

This is a heads up get in your diary if your interested,

Join us at 2pm on Wednesday 7 October for a combined APMP ANZ and City of Sydney webinar. This session is aimed at local businesses including small businesses, startups and social procurement organisations.

Learn how to tender for local government work and what the City of Sydney is looking for when evaluating tenders. We will also share practical tips, tools and techniques to improve your bidding activities and increase your win rate.

Presenters: Stefano Ferrarini - Procurement Manager & Ambassador of The Sustainable Procurement Pledge at City of Sydney

Michael Buchanan - People, Performance, Technology Category Manager at City of Sydney

Mark Riley, APMP ANZ Committee Member and T-29 Trainer

Nigel Dennis, APMP Committee Member and BidWrite Trainer

APMP is the worldwide authority for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, bids, tenders, and presentations. We are a non-profit organisation.

Agenda items include
Why submitting a quality tender is important. What winners do, why we request information
Fundamentals on how to respond effectively to a tender
Strategic partnering and collaboration
Types of collaborations, why they should be considered and the benefits
Knowing when to tender:
The importance of conducting bid/no-bid decisions
Practical tips, techniques and tools in responding to evaluation criteria and schedules


Thanks so much for sharing Stefano. Looks like there will be lots of valuable information. Is there a link to register yet or is just this a save the date post?

Hi Just save the date at the moment. As soon as the registration link is up I will post

Wonderful. Thanks so much Stefano

Hi Karen, webinar details are provided in a new post

Fantastic, thanks so much @Stefano . I have registered. I just wanted to check if this is correct. The calendar is set to Brisbane time which converts to 3pm in Sydney (the add to calendar download automatically did this) as it will be after daylight savings start.

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2pm Sydney time is correct

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hi Stefano,
Has the link to register been posted yet?

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Yes, i created a new topic but if you cannot find it here it is: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_xuzUzavjR9qr5uRfw_hAZA

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Awesome - thank-you!

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Thanks for posting this @Stefano!

B Corps - the City of Sydney is very keen to procure more from you. Please join this webinar to pick up tips on how to put in the winning tender: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_xuzUzavjR9qr5uRfw_hAZA

This is a great topic and one we are also keen to have for us Melburnians - is there a Melbourne version in the pipeline or should I join the Sydney session? thanks!

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Hi, it will be generic enough to apply at any level of government and in any state, and alos to the private sector where most of the presenters are originally from

Thanks so much for arranging this, very helpful. I had to leave the webinar a bit early and wondering if the recording or notes will be sent to participants? Cheers

yes, we will have a recording available soon, a Q&A fact sheet as well as copies of the presentations

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Hi all the Video, Presentations , FAQ can be found here

Hi, please see the last reply on this chain

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