P&R's - Inaugural Impact Overview 2020 edition!

Hey Team,

Thought I’d share our inaugural Impact Overview (one-pager), 2020 edition!
Big thanks to Luke and the Team at BWD Strategic for helping us put it together! It’s our first crack at an Impact one-pager and certainly won’t be that last!
It was a great opportunity to bring some of our crew together and work on this outside of the day to day whirlwind. And the exercise and process of putting it together has certainly been just as valuable as the final result.

As always, we really appreciate the support from the B Corp community :hugs:

P&R Impact Report 2020 Final.pdf (787.9 KB)


Hey @Chris thanks for sharing. I love how you have successfully showcased your outcomes against your commitments, in a concise and simple way. Very digestable and motivating :slight_smile: