Pivot on Purpose

Hi everyone!

I want to invite you to an online mini-Summit we have coming up next week on the art and science of Pivotability: Pivot on Purpose

What is Pivotability?

It’s the ability to pivot mindfully and in the pursuit of purposeful goals. It’s about being cognizant of technology and political trends which are changing the culture. It’s about setting a course, not just being forced by events to make rapid adaptations – although you will probably be forced to do this too. It’s where skills, mindset and opportunity come together.

It’s about Pivoting on Purpose.

Pivot on Purpose is all about how we think about, anticipate and plan for the future, how we stay entrepreneurial and nimble and true to our purpose during times of change. It’s clear that every organisation needs to be developing these skills right now, so we’ve got some of our favourite entrepreneurs and teachers together to explore this topic.

The first evening, Tuesday July 28, is a free panel discussion and short talks from leading Australia social enterprises on how they have adapted to COVID and how they are staying ready for an uncertain future, including strEAT, Two Good Co, Haymarket HQ, Mill House Ventures, The Social Outfit and StartSomeGood.

The second day, Wednesday July 29, features four masterclasses focused on key skills and mindsets needed to be pivotable:

  • Redesigning your organisation with your community, with Ben Pecotich from Dynamic 4
  • Refreshing your brand and your story to suit the times, with Luke Facinni from The Sponge
  • Reaching new audiences and building your community online, with Tom Dawkins from StartSomeGood, and
  • Leveraging video to tell your story, with Natasha Akib from Digital Storytellers.

Followed by an exclusive speed networking session in the evening.

All for one low price which includes ongoing access to the videos.

All of the masterclass presenters are from B Corps!

Sorry for the late notice, this event came together really fast!

Find out more and book at http://www.pivotonpurpose.online/