Policy interventions to create a better, zero-emissions transport system in Australia

Seeking input from B Corps!

Better Futures Australia is inviting B Corps to respond a policy dialogue and seeking your views on: policy interventions to create a better, zero-emissions transport system in Australia.

Specifically, we would like you to respond to these three questions:

  1. What changes or reforms are Australian businesses asking for?
  2. What specific actions should the government take?
  3. Are there any international examples of how governments have implemented reforms to provide guidance for the Australian Government?

They are particularly interested in:

  • how international advancements - such as Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms - could impact Australian businesses;
  • the recent introduction of the Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency report’s purpose and function; and
  • the Albanese Government’s commitment to improve the Safeguard Mechanism, including if you think Safeguard Mechanism Credits will come into play.

The B Corp Climate Collective will be consolidating views from B Corps into a 3-5 minute presentation at an online panel. If you would like to contribute to this policy discussion, please respond directly here, or via email to mindy@bcorporation.com.au before COB Friday, 24 June.

In community,
Mindy on behalf of the ANZ B Corp Climate Collective

Hello all, Better Future Australia has confirmed that they welcome any views on climate policy that Australian businesses would like to see from the Australian government – your views does not have to be limited to the transport sector only.

With this broader scope, I hope that you all can contribute your views widely to help shape this policy dialogue!