B Local Aotearoa x Toitū Webinar: Mandatory Carbon Reporting - Adapting to


We’re excited to be hosting the first in a series of Webinars for the B Corp community in Aotearoa!

We’re so lucky to have Austin Hansell from Toitū Envirocare to explain the proposed carbon reporting changes, offer tips on how your business can prepare, and give you the chance to ask questions. We will also hear from a B Corp that has already taken significant steps towards reducing carbon emissions. If you have any questions beforehand, please send them to us using this link: B Local Welly x Toitū webinar: Mandatory Carbon Reporting - Adapting to Evolving B Corp Requirements.

Wed 24th May 2023, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm NZST

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What can you expect from this session?

Learn about the proposed changes in B Corp requirements related to carbon emissions
Learn about practical strategies and best practices for reducing your business’s carbon footprint
Hear firsthand experiences from a B Corp case study on their journey in carbon reduction
Connect with the B Corp Climate Collective and explore opportunities for collaboration and support
Get answers to your questions and concerns during the interactive Q&A session
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the developing field of B Corp carbon requirements and get ready for the upcoming changes.

Please note: This is a community event put on by B Local Wellington and Toitū about the proposed changes; they are not confirmed and are subject to change. You can learn more from B Lab about the program of work here - Evolving and adapting the B Corp Certification performance requirements based on stakeholder and community feedback.

Register for the event here

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Kia ora Lee - was stoked to see this. I’m on leave that day but Lou and or Jo plan to be there :slight_smile: