Purpose + Vision podcast opportunity

James Lush (BBC and ABC Radio presenter with 25,000 interviews to his name) is creating a podcast "Purpose and Vision”, which will centre on B Corp leaders and their stories. Each episode will be around 30 minutes long, covering the B Corp’s background, problems overcome, and the impact on staff, other stakeholders, and the business. The more personal the stories the better! The aim is not only to uncover the sustainability of B Corps but also inspire others to join the movement.

He is looking for B Corp leaders to interview for the podcast, which will be shared on all podcast platforms. Your B Corp is free to use or share the content as well.

We’re accepting EOIs for the first season to see if there’s enough appetite from the community to run the podcast. Any takers? :slight_smile:


Hi Kira, we would be interested in participating!
What are the next step/s please?


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Woohoo! Thanks Lena.

We have 3 B Corps interested so far, so once we lock in a few more, we’ll connect you with James to get started. :slight_smile:

Wonderful thanks Kira :blush:

Hey Kira, I’d be keen too!

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Putting our hand up too. One of our team would love to connect.

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Hi Kira,

Musketeers would love to be involved too!

Thanks for the heads up on this :slight_smile:

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A couple of my clients are fashion brands, may I ask them if they would participate?

Hi Kirsty! James is keen to interview any Certified B Corps, so send them our way if they’re already submitted! :slight_smile:

Hi, Pathfinder would love to be involved.

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Happy to put Tank forward as a Melbourne-based BCorp.

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Hi there. I would love to put SilverChef forward to be considered for this story. Ours is a tumultuous story of highs and lows through public listing and back to private ownership all the while maintaining our purpose focus and commitment.