Sydney B Corp Month Panel: Moving forward in retail

Save the date! This B Corp Month, we’re celebrating how B Corps are always moving forward, on a constant journey to improve their impact on people, the planet, and communities.

At this central Sydney event, a diverse panel of B Corps from across the retail sector will share their unique B Corp experience and how they are taking their impact forward. Together, they’ll discuss the challenges of the retail sector, the role B Corp plays in communicating sustainability to employees, customers and others, along with the plans and the hopes they have for the B Corp movement in retail and beyond.

With the speakers to be announced, this event will be a highlight to hear some exciting B Corp stories, and meet peers using business as a force for good!

  • Date: Wednesday, 13 March
  • Time: 5.30pm
  • Location: Central CBD, Sydney

This event is open to the public. Register now to secure your spot!