Tech for Non Tech - A one day course for anyone that wants to build their digital fluency and learn more about the basics of tech to better their work

Hi B-Corp community!

We’ve ben lucky enough to be sponsored by the Digital Innovation Festival to put on this event for a fraction of its usual cost (down from $800 to $15!) so I wanted to offer the opportunity to B-Corp Members first as I feel a lot of us could gain some help from the learnings.

What is Tech for Non Tech?

Tech for Non Tech is a one day interactive workshop that will help you build your digital fluency. No question is too small! You’ll gain a holistic view of big picture trends and the nitty-gritty of daily digital processes.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to learn more about tech and digital! The skills you’ll learn in this one day workshop will be transferable to so much of the work you do. Plus, you’ll be able to impart your newfound digital wisdom on other people in your job and in your network!

What will I learn?

We’ll be demystifying tech jargon and introducing techniques to explain technical concepts, and the core concepts of web development.

You’ll gain an understanding of digital ecosystems and will walk away confident in your ability to translate technical concepts.

Some of the key topics we’ll cover are:

  • Introducing the Internet
  • Tackling Jargon
  • Core Concepts of Web Development
  • Coding Languages
  • How Developers Make Apps
  • Technical Debt
  • Testing

Praise for Tech for Non Tech

“It was extremely useful as it gives me more confidence as we are about to embark on a project.” - Participant feedback

" I have no hesitation in recommending Tech for Non Tech to other organisations - it was facilitated strongly and the content valuable." - Maree Cochrane - Strategy and Engagement Lead, Public Sector Innovation Department of Premier and Cabinet

If you have any questions about Tech for Non Tech, email