What do you know about Race & Racism? Join me in FEB to find out (spaces are limited!)

Over the course of this year, B Lab has been exploring what we can do to become an anti-racist organisation: to drive better outcomes in our daily decision-making, not just our rhetoric. We pretty quickly realised we need help, we need training, and we need it to start with our leadership.

We’ve partnered with Hue to bring the What do you know about race & racism? workshop (info attached) to the B Corp community. I will be joining the session to represent B Lab ANZ and to strengthen my own learning and commitment to justice, diversity, equity and inclusion (JEDI). I’m inviting my fellow B Corp CEOs to join me.

The interactive workshop has a maximum of 25 participants, so please drop me or Kira a note to reserve a spot. Please share this with your CEOs or founders to ensure they have a chance to participate in this invaluable training.

When: 11 February, 9:30 AM - 1 PM AEDT.
Cost: $106 pp, may vary if not all spots are filled

Info+pack+What+Do+You+Know+About+Race+&+Racism++(1) (2) (1).pdf (77.5 KB)


Reminder: this training is coming up on 11 February. Please get in touch with me if your CEO/Directors are interested in attending!