Black, Indigenous and other People of Colour B Corp support groups in Australia?


In light of everything all the BLM activities going on around the world do we have any collectives like: here in Australia?

Or even just a BI and if we must (PoC) group for BI and PoC B Corp employees?

For reference I am Black and I have separated out PoC as there is a lot of anti black racism within non black PoC groups.



Hey Ttobie, so good to have you here :blush: I had the honor of seeing the Dismantle Collective present at the LA conf last year and was so impressed with what they’ve built. I know that much like #wethechange they’d be really open to local chapters if it’s something you want to explore?

I’m not sure if there are any local groups but would love to know and appreciate you kicking off this convo.


Hey Ttobie,

I’m connected with and work with some of the leaders behind Dismantle Collective here in Oakland. Happy to make direct e-introductions for you and anyone else in ANZ interested.

I hope all is going well!




Yes please this would definitely be of interest to me.

Thanks so much!


The Dismantle Collective’s leadership is understandably super busy right now and we have to do what we can to protect their time. But I will keep you in the loop and will make a e-intro when the timing is right. This is their statement:

“The best way to support us right now is through donations. We need to be able to fund the unsexy parts of the work, the admin, marketing, and values work behind the scenes and it’s tough to get started with more impactful work when we are all volunteers! We are prioritizing that work before partnering with specific groups. In a few weeks we will be launching an updated fundraising campaign and are creating a specific statement of demands for B Lab and B Corps that can be responded to and should provide more of a sense of what we are trying to do and how to support it!”

Hope that helps! We The Change is also engaging the community in a call to action.

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Thanks for the info Kiera.

Totally get that they would be inundated right now. I hope they get a hella lot of funding! I know my little community passion project has been getting donations flooding in :raised_hands:t5:

Please do set up an e intro when things cool down a little bit.:blush: