Collaborations: BLM Collective/Paying the rent

Are any B Corps open to collaborating on something like a Pay the Rent collective?

We’ve seen some awesome actions taken for climate (e.g. Not Business as Usual), and I recently heard from B Corp Dog and Bone about the idea.

I’d love to see B Corps come together for something like this. Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (or Maori for our NZ businesses) communities and/or businesses. Potentially part of your RAP?


Very interesting topic.

I personally do not know how much time and energy many B Corps in Australia have put towards DEI and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters.

I personally think maybe concentrating on RAPs and other initiatives around DEI before jumping into something like “Pay the rent” would be better.

A lot of organisations are jumping on this bandwagon and as a Black person I am personally very suspicious as they have done NOTHING in the past and all of a sudden want to “pay the rent” and show solidarity. I think do some other foundation work before doing big initiatives?


Hi @Kiraday

The team at Raisely has volunteered their own time to create a website that draws on resources created by the community for Australia, the UK, and the US to help people quickly find groups that would benefit from support.

We’ve placed this banner on our own website and are encouraging our fellow B-Corps to do the same.


This fantastic, thanks for sharing Jamie and thanks to Raisely. Great to have you here and contributing!

Pinging my colleague @larahkennedy who co-manages our giving program at Quiip.


@Jamie this is great, thank you to you and your team for creating it. We are currently working on our RAP and have been talking about ways that we could pay reparations to the traditional custodians of the lands we all work on. We’re a fully distributed team, so there would be a number of different nations we would want to Pay the Rent to. This list will be really helpful in our discussions about this.