Have you developed a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)?

It’s on Quiip’s FY21 roadmap, be great to connect with some other B Corps who can share learnings though as it seems like a fairly intensive process… and we’ll be going through recert at the same time!

(Speaking of which how does recert work, as in can you submit anytime leading up to the date?)


Ok sort of answering my own question here but I found a lot of great examples here:

And here is Intrepid’s RAP. As a member of the B Corp community I thought this one might be of interest.


I haven’t but it is on my list of to dos. I think we will be doing foundation work and other DEI initiatives before we go on a RAP journey. It needs to be a sincere journey and we aren’t ready for that just yet.

Would be very interested to hear from other B Corps that have been on or are starting this journey as I would love tips for the future.


I’d like to be introduced to any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives in our community who are interested in leading, engaging and collaborating with us at BLocal Sydney on our RAP? Any nominees? I’ve undertaken document structure and case study research and drafted some ideas about what we can do in terms of our committee activities but am unsure about whether to keep this as just a plan for us or something broader that members could adopt. I want to ensure that the content and whatever we do is guided by our indigenous leaders so that it is meaningful, impactful and far more than just paying lip service. Please help?


We’re just in the process of creating our first RAP! We’ve been wanting to develop one for ages, so it’s great to be moving forward :grinning:


@vanessacullen did you meet Liam Ridgway, at the Syd B Corp panel? He heads up https://ngny.com.au/ and Indigitek. He said he’d been keen to help out B Local Sydney but he’s pretty pushed for time atm. I’ll connect you via email, but wanted to mention him here.

I did find some folk in the Social Traders directory too who consult on RAPs.

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I haven’t met him @alisonmichalk but one of my team one reach out to him asap. Thanks!

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