Indigenous representation on RAP Working Group

Hello to B Corps with active Reconciliation Action Working Groups (RWGs). Great to meet :smiley:

As you’d know, representation on RWGs is part of the RAP process. I was wondering if anyone can make any recommendations and/or introductions to Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander folk with experience being part of a company’s RWG. FYI we are a small business (25 staff), and operate remotely.

I’m aware there are companies offering this service, however I thought it would be great to hear of folk who might have experience working with B Corps in particular.


@Kiraday who at B Lab is focusing on JEDI and might have some advice/insights? Thx!

Lucinda and I are working on some events for this year specifically aimed at supporting B Corps with their Reconciliation journeys, so stay tuned — but in the meantime, maybe @AnnetteS or @SteveAtFS can get in touch and share a bit more about their RWGs as both have external advisors.

Hi @alisonmichalk, happy to have a chat. I have sent you a LinkedIn invite to connect.

Fab thanks Annette – I’ll connect with you on LinkedIn. Much appreciated!