National Reconciliation Week Resources

Following on from the B Corp collaboration session: Reconciliation Week event , we are inviting B Corps to share any resources that they use to learn and connect, in preparation for National Reconciliation Week **, which runs from 27 May to 3 June.

Resources shared in the meeting chat:

Some resources previously shared in the group (from 2022)

Other resources that may be valuable:

Please feel free to contribute resources that you find valuable in the thread.

Hi B Corp buddies,
We are linking our NRW events to our Intrepid Foundation Partner Country Needs People, an organisation that supports a network of 47 Indigenous partner groups, to grow, support and secure Indigenous land and sea management by strengthen the work of Indigenous communities and ranger teams on the ground. In short they create ranger jobs for First Nations people to look after Country.

You can read more here: Country Needs People • The Intrepid Foundation.

If you are looking for a First Nations cause to connect to any work you do for National Reconciliation Week, this is a good one, and one of their donors has committed to matching donations until 30 June 2024. If you want to hear more about it, I can organise a chat with our team at the Intrepid Foundation.

Hey Sydney BCorps,
In my research I found this awesome bakery (and online shop) - I thought I must share! Located on Bent and Spring St in the city. They have delicious sounding Native pastries and loads of other goodies