Recruiting underrepresented populations

Hey Everyone,

I would like to pass along an opportunity for B Corps that have a robust and/or mature DEI strategy - in my mind, that is multiple underrepresented populations already work at your organisation, you have personal relationships with underrepresented groups outside of work/family and you are working on a strategy to increase underrepresented groups at your B Corp.

I have a contact who has started a community hub for PoC, one of the offerings on that community hub is a job board. I mentioned to her that this may be of interest to some people within the B Corp community.

She has offered free space on her job board to B Corps who would like to advertise jobs. It would be great if you could include a statement in the job posting about your commitment to DEI and if you could run the job through an analysis tool to check for any biases. (B Corp points can be gained for all of this)

Please PM me for further details, clarification or even assistance around DEI.


What a great initiative Ttobie.

I’d love to get details of the hub for my B Consulting work. I’ll drop you an email.