Diverse and Ethical Recruitment

Kia ora! We’re looking for a B Corp or person at a B Corp in Aotearoa who’s doing great things in recruitment for an upcoming webinar the Wellington B Local team is hosting.

If that’s you, your team or someone you know, please tag them below or contact me at lee@methodrecycling.com.

We’re looking to tell a meaningful story, not a perfect one, so please don’t be shy!

Thanks in advance!



Kia ora Lee - the team at Talent Nation are doing great work in Aotearoa and Australia - one of the first half dozen B Corps in Australasia and just won the recruitment industry award for social and environmental responsibility - @Richard @Kate_TalentNation GoodSense are excited to be doing a piece of work with them so I am a bit biased :slight_smile:

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Thanks Kath! We’ll do our best to make sure your bias is well founded.

Hi Lee, I’ll send you a note to your email to see if we can help - meaningful I can do, perfect not so much!