Offer for all B Corps

Hi All,
We are new to the B Corp community and excited to be working towards certification as we grow! In the meantime, we have an offer for all B Corp community members for a free 6-month subscription to SURU.

SURU is the first AI-based career platform where purpose-aligned companies are matched and connected with truly diverse talent.

We provide companies like yours who are driving change and creating true impact with a platform to connect with aligned talent.

We show people what it is like to work with you so they can choose to work with you because they believe in your mission, purpose and values and align with your culture.

Our tech stack means you will be matched with people outside of your typical channels so they are diversly qualified and broadly skilled. AND…we have partnered with ReForest meaning that you will be contributing to the reforestation of Australian forests and bushland on a monthly basis - you can even watch your trees grow using their app. It’s cool.

We are currently launching SURU to market. We will help you build out your profile, hook you up with our internal employer branding concierge / videography / photography so you can list current job vacancies. Your brand will be rubbing shoulders with the best in the biz so awesome exposure on a national platform…for free! Nothing to lose =)

Check out our Company landing page here for more info SURU | Companies

Feel free to contact me directly for more info or reply here.

Lauren McKinnon