Therapeutic Products Bill petition

Is the continued availability and affordability of a wide range of natural health products important to you?

Sign our petition to urge the New Zealand Government to make important changes to new natural health laws, to ensure your favourite products and brands remain accessible and affordable.

What’s the Therapeutic Products Bill?

The Therapeutic Products Bill (TPB) is a new law that will change the way natural health products are regulated in New Zealand.

Our view is that it will significantly reduce access to natural health and increase costs by requiring individual approval of all widely available products and innovative ingredients, including those that have been used safely here for decades.

Over 16,000 Kiwis have already voiced their concerns, with 97% of the public submissions on the Bill opposed to it. We share your concerns, so we’re calling on the Government to make changes.

HealthPost was founded to make the benefits of natural health as widely available as possible. And our founding ethos holds true today: to help people like you live naturally healthy lives.

Sign and share our petition today, to help ensure that natural health remains accessible and affordable under New Zealand’s new laws.

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