Tips for getting through the B Impact Assessment

Hey all! My name is Becky from Harvey. We recently got certified in August yay! But whoah - it was a process. We put together a blog on the steps we took and shared some tips and templates we used to get through the assessment to help those starting out. Check it out here - Thinking of becoming a B Corp? Here's how we did it. | The Harvey Blog Hope this is helpful and reach out if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Brilliant thanks for this. We are currently going through our accreditation (continuation) with B-Corporation and Ailanit from there is helping us out. I agree itโ€™s a big process - and a long one - and it requires patience especially pulling together all the documents needed however, itโ€™s such a critical and important thing to do especially as itโ€™s a public statement and commitment to community good. I have shared your post to my Twitter network and my LinkedIn network. Thank you for sharing this.