Upcoming Conversation and Masterclass with Patagonia's Dane O'Shanassy

Patagonia. What comes up for you when you see that word?

Patagonia has become a global icon, and a symbol of a hopeful future by way of its humble and deeply impact-driven mission.

In addition to conscious consumption, activism and storytelling, their dedication to transparency in minimising their carbon footprint also speaks to the company’s refreshing humility and self-awareness – traits usually ascribed to people held in high regard, not global retail businesses.

Join our co-founder Berry Liberman and Patagonia Australia leader, Dane O’Shanassy for a rare opportunity to experience the internal vision of Patagonia, to hear how we can commit our companies to being in service to the planet and understand the power of storytelling to share that journey with the world.

Grab your ticket to next week’s upcoming Conversation and Masterclass: https://www.smallgiants.com.au/the-next-economy-series



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