Volunteer programme + Collaborate

For those of us organising Volunteering initiatives in our teams Collaborate are very cool! You sign up to the app and it matches up the time you have available and your skills with what the charities need!
I’ve reminded the Springload team recently about this one…


thanks for sharing Clare! We just got our volunteer leave and policy approved so this is perfect timing :smiley:


This app is fantastic! Does anyone know of a similar platform in Australia?

I don’t but we did build the app for Collaborate and are great friends with them so can absolutely suggest they put it out to Australia too!

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Hi @compassstudio! I am the sales director at Catalyser. We are a social impact platform (and B-CORP) based in Sydney with a global team. www.catalyser.com. Happy to have a quick chat about our platform that connects volunteering opportunities and so much more (regular payroll giving, fundraising, sustainability initiatives, peer-to-peer challenges). My email is nova@catalyser.com. Cheers, Nova

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