Environmental corporate volunteering (Sydney only)

Hi all! Future Super are keen to do an all team Sydney-based corporate volunteering day - with a strong enviro bent. Any recommendations out there? Thank you!!

ps This looks interesting, but they’re not replying.https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/volunteers/CorporateVolunteeringNationalParks.htm

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Hi Lydia

This suggestion is not environmentally orientated, however it appears to be well run and interesting: https://caniceskitchen.org/corporate-programs/

Kathy Joyce

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Hi Lydia,

Not sure if you’d be able to find anything on the Vollie website (they’re a B Corp btw). I think their focus may be online rather than in person.: https://www.vollie.com.au/

Clean Up Australia have Business Clean Up Corporate events: https://www.cleanup.org.au/business

And I think 4 Pines often do team clean up events locally but I’m not sure how they organise them. They may be able to give you some insight as to who to contact in your area.

And, one more thought, maybe Sydney City Council would have corporate volunteering programs?

Hope you find something that works.


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Hi Lydia - how about a Clean up Kayak tour?
Sydney By Kayak

Hi Lydia, apologies for the late response but our company actually specialises in helping companies connect their people to volunteering opportunities and workplace giving. If you’re interested in exploring further, shoot me an email nova@catalyser.com or give me a shout 0493 072 834 . www.catalyser.com