Which non-profits are most impactful in climate action space?

It’s a complex topic but reaching out to the brains trust. If your organisation wanted to support a non-profit doing work to combat climate change, who would you consider? There’s obviously not shortage of options and a non-comprehensive list here: https://www.climateforchange.org.au/climate_movement

Has anyone done or found any research?

Does the AU/NZ Climate Collective have any partners, or perhaps sustainability consultancies have input?

There is a company The Good Cause Co. that does due diligence on charities and releases some great reports (which I suggest signing up to see: https://www.thegoodcause.co/), but their 2020 report says:

This year, no climate change charity meets our “Donate with Confidence” recommendation3, so we provide some general guidance on picking a climate change charity:

• Do you believe that the only way to prevent climate change is through a complete overhaul of our current economic system? If this is you, donate to those charities that advocate for wide sweeping changes to our current economic structure.

• Do you believe that emission reductions can happen within our existing economic system? If this is you, donate to those charities that advocate for actionable policies that reduce emissions in the short to medium-term.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Alison, I’ve recently started working part-time with FrontRunners. They work with athletes and sporting organisation, leveraging the power of sport in Australia to help drive awareness and action on the climate crisis. We’ve found individuals and teams want to take action but don’t know where to start. We’re there to help create and deliver strategies for them and make connections to the right people or groups. You can find out more at FrontRunners.org or shooting me at email at lincoln@frontrunners.org.au :blush: