World Environment and Ocean Day Event in June

Hello BCorp
Get excited and be a reef naturalist

You can leave your clothes on as there is a difference between a naturist and a naturalist.

Naturalists study nature. Have you even seen a fish or marine species you could not identify?

Students, beach walkers, snorkellers, SCUBA divers, fishers and conservationists are invited to fill in knowledge gaps and become reef naturalists between 1-8 June to learn more about reef species

Your BCorp can collaborate with local schools, scientists, tourism, fishers, conservation, indigenous and government to conduct surveys of beaches, bays, islands or reefs. We are focussing on training people in the popular iNaturalist app which is the largest citizen science project in the world with almost 100 million observations of 380,000 species

Visit World Ocean Day ReefBlitz information and training for more information and to join the online training event at 2pm on the 31 May.