Zero Ocean Plastics Challenge (1 December - 5 March)

Hi all - for anyone who’d like to help save our oceans and marine wildlife, and engage your team and even your customers to join you.

We’ve been a B Corp for about a year, but in pilot mode, this is our first major challenge, and it would be so good to get a whole force of B Corps involved, leading the way!

1 summer. 300 organisations. 10,000 people. 1 million ocean plastics saved.

On December 1st, the Good Empire Zero Ocean Plastics Challenge will launch, running through summer.

Our mission is to gather, unite and empower 10,000 people across 300 organisations to save 1 million bits of plastic from reaching our oceans and waterways.

I’d love you to register your organisation as a team.

You can invite your employees, customers and community to join you and all be part of something real and impactful.

It’s a powerful team, culture and brand-building experience, it’s so easy to do, and the Good Empire app allows you to video capture and share your action and impact with the world.

It means you can do this sort of thing remotely, or in small teams, and still feel like you’re coming together.

You can find out more here, download a deck here if you’re interested, and here’s the registration link - $250 earlybird registration fee.

Happy to also jump on a call together if you’re up for it, love to get to know you.

Hope to see you join us and help us hit our impact goal of 1 million ocean plastics this summer!

Be ⅁ood!
André, Good Empire founder


This looks awesome! @Kiraday let’s get the team on board :slight_smile:

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Thanks Kylie - that’d be great - Kira and I are jumping on a call together tomorrow morning. I think there’s some cool stuff we can do together on this.

@KateCarroll @WendyMcCormick I remember you two were talking about team volunteering opportunities — this could be a good one!

Also might be of interest to some 1% for the Planet members & Best for the World in Environment folks! @Sarah_T @Holly.McQueen @Martin

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Amazing thanks, I’ll be pitching it to Verdecon!

Nice work @GoodEmpire :clap:

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That’s awesome @Holly.McQueen

Thanks for posting this Andre! I will chat to the team at Untouched World tomorrow. Great idea :slight_smile:

Beautiful brand - love to have you onboard @fionabretherton

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LOVE this! thanks for sharing - talking to the boss about signing us up asap :slight_smile:

Hi Gemma - would love that, PSN would be a great company to have on board! We’re posting later this week about the brands already on board, so if it’s a quick decision, let me know and we can include you.

Welcome aboard, @GemmaMills and Public Sector Network!

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Hi @fionabretherton - how did you go chatting with the team about registering Untouched World? Let me know if I can help.

Hi @Holly.McQueen - how’d you go? Love to get Verdecon on board, we’re launching a campaign to get B Corps involved this week - let me know if I can help!

Hi Andre, are you able to send me an email at ?

Would be great to talk through some details, especially around getting our community involved too.

Many thanks,

Done - look forward to it.