Hi all!

Happy Friday! My name is Lucy, I’m the Community & Partnerships Coordinator at Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML) -.

We are a community-driven conservation non-profit committed to securing a healthy and sustainable future for marine ecosystems and the coastal communities that rely on them!

Our conservation programs span across Northern NSW (Brunswick Heads), SE QLD, India, and the Solomon Islands. Our efforts have been recognised globally, with the United Nations acknowledging us as a Top 20 Waste to Wealth Project.

Since our inception, we have removed more than 1.6 million pieces of single-use plastic from our ocean, highlighting the effectiveness of our programs.

We’re seeking B-corp partners who share our passion for healthy, climate-resilient catchments and communities and who want to directly contribute to our vision, ensuring that we can continue to scale our Northern NSW programs (Byron Bay, Brunswick Heads) to maximise outcomes.

A partnership with PCFML would provide the opportunity to:

  • Drive the restoration and conservation of marine and terrestrial ecosystems;
  • Reduce your company’s environmental impact;
  • Contribute to adaptive climate resilience;
  • Enhance your brand reputation and CSR profile, and
  • Ensure the resilience and conservation of state and federally-listed species.

Our goal is to ensure healthy, resilient environments where nature and humans can coexist and thrive side-by-side.

If your business aligns with our goals please get in touch, we have a range of partnership packages we would like to explore with you.

We also have a range of on-ground conservation volunteer opportunities in the Northern Rivers. Please join our community conservation group here!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Email: l.jepson@pcfml.org.au
Phone: 0476403629